Join us in the fight against diabetes!

We are creating a world where everyone benefits from effective diabetes care, and future generations are free of the burden caused by the disease.

Let's revolutionize the way we treat diabetes

We are committed to empowering communities around the world with the necessary tools to fight the diabetes epidemic. Inspired by the work of the late Dr. Peter Sheehan, PSDCF seeks to improve prevention and management of diabetes for at-risk populations, educate communities to prevent onset of diabetes and the complications, and organize forums for scientific ideas exchange to further the understanding of the disease.

For too long, diabetes care has been approached with generic solutions that do not meet the needs of a growing majority of patients.In order to reduce the significant health disparities that exist among racial and ethnic communities, PSDCF promotes comprehensive patient care, personalized diabetes education, and precision medicine research that considers the genetic, cultural, and health needs of people with diabetes.